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Bylaws  for  Units of  the NAACP: Articles of Interest

Call To Order



       3. (Annual Meeting of Units)

           b. Branches, Youth Councils, High School Chapters, Junior Youth Councils and Authorized Committees. Written notice shall be provided a minimum of 30                 days prior to the time and place of the Annual Meeting to each member in good standing in writing, or published in some local newspaper of general                       circulation.

      4. (Notice of Annual Meeting)

          b. Branches. Each Branch shall hold an Annual Meeting in the month of December to receive and act upon Annual reports from the Officers/Chairpersons                  of  Standing Committees and to vote for members of the Board of Directors and may install those Officers and Executive Committee Members elected at                the Biennial Election. 


3. (Secretary)

The duties of the Secretary shall be:

e. To submit reports to the NAACP Unit and the Executive Committee at all regular meetings, or whenever required by either body, covering the status of the NAACP Unit and its activities since the date of the last report; to submit to the NAACP Unit at its annual meeting an annual report of the status and activities of the NAACP Unit, provided that, where an Executive Director is employed, such duties shall be discharged by said Executive Director.  The Director shall forward a copy of all reports, when adopted by the NAACP Unit, to the Association.

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